Wax Capping Extractor Frame


THIS PRODUCT CAN BE SHIPPED WORLDWIDE Use the amazing patent pending Wax Capping Extractor Frame invented by Blue Heron Gardens and Rick Shirley to better separate your valuable honey from your wax cappings without handling large cumberson expensive equipment and disrupting your extraction process.  This frame lets you load the heterogenous mixture of wax and honey (like an oatmeal consistency) from scratching or settling tanks directly into the frame where it can be loaded into your extractor and cycled with normal honey frames.  The honey can leave the Wax Cappings Extractor Frame but the wax remains behind!  After the extraction cycle, simply open the frame and scrape the remaining wax into your melter barrel for further processing.  We suggest ordering a minimum of 2 for balancing reasons in your radial extractor.  We have tested these for two years with our 200 hive operation.  We use 9 Wax Cappings Extractor frames which we load up during the extraction process in honey flow, as required.  We run them with our normal extraction cycles.  Our equipment is Maxant and Dadant radial extractors. [embed]https://youtu.be/ahTYwC8sS0s[/embed] This amazing invention greatly reduces the honey going into your melter, is easy to use with no training required, there is no expensive capping separator to buy, and it works in any radial extractor that holds standard sized deep langstroth frames.  Made of food safe materials and quality welded stainless steel. The honey you will save pays for the cost of the frame! Designed with beekeepers running between 4 and 300 hives in mind. Order yours today! ]]>

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 2.5 cm


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