About Us

Located only 45 minutes away from Saskatoon, we boast farm and garden products in a wildlife corridor beside a small lake. 

Our rustic log cabin provides shelter from the hot sun in July, while the garden yields bountiful fruit and vegetables.  Nearby, our bees are producing some of the finest honey around.

We also have a small collection of birds including Lady Amherst pheasents, Black Silkie chickens, Orpington hens, Yellow Cuckoo Orpington rooster, Blue Eared pheasents and India Blue peacocks!


Our Story & Mission

Our mission is to provide quality organically grown produce and honey from our farm of the highest quality and taste while balancing this goal with providing a natural wildlife environment to both man and nature around us. 

We do not use pesticides in our garden or fruit operations, and we strive to provide wildlife around us with a sanctuary which is as natural as possible.  Some areas of our land are left to be natural weeds for butterflies and bees, and some areas are seeded with pollinating blends of flowers.  A diverse amount of wildlife lives on our acreage and shares the bounty of the garden.

Our Team

Julie Shirley


In charge of all things green in the garden, Julie is the head records keeper, a beekeeper, gardener, and family cook.  Not to mention our inspiration and driving force behind most of what we do.  You won’t find a better-managed family garden around.

Jeff Shirley


Working long hours doing something you are passionate about is not work – it is living life to the fullest!  Whether hauling honey, getting stung by bees, working on a project, or simply enjoying time with family…Jeff can be found at the farm most weekends and every free day he gets.

For all pricing and general inquiries please call us or send a message!

Where we are

P.O. BOX 38
Cudworth, SK, Canada

Contact Us

(306) 380-6331