Download our ORDER FORM and either give a printed copy to us or email it to us.  All product subject to availability.  VERY limited quantities available on comb honey and our golden yellow pure beeswax, we have the right to refuse or cancel any order.

Blue Heron Gardens produces commercial quantities of honey, full Barrels can be ordered (about 600 lbs).

Our bees are located on large sections of land with Alfalfa, our honey is high Alfalfa content and very low moisture.

Alfalfa honey is much finer crystals than other honey, and is typically creamier once crystalized.  It also carries a pleasant alfalfa smell to it.

There are no taxes on honey.

Shipping is extra and will be quoted separately before confirming an order if you are unable to take local delivery in Saskatoon area or pick up your order from us.

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250 g Hex Glass Jar Honey $3.50
500 g Hex Glass Jar Honey $7.00
500 g Plastic Tub Honey $6.00
1 kg Plastic Tub Honey $10.00
5 kg Plastic Pail Honey $37.00
250 g Pure Beeswax $12.00
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