In July 2009, we purchased a 1/4 section of land in Saskatchewan on a small lake.  While most of the land is rented out to a local farmer for agricultural use, we have slowly developed a small piece of it for gardening, fruit trees, and our bees.  The landmark on our land is a log cabin we have built from ground up.

We decided to call our business Blue Heron Gardens due to the Great Blue Heron rookery that exists on our small secluded lake.  All summer long there are lots of the beautiful birds feasting on the plentiful frogs and salamanders.  Their nests fill the dead trees that stand in the water, where they are protected from many predators.  What started as two nests a few years ago is now closer to 12 nests.  Every year we hope they come back!

Deciding to try our hand at honey production was a random passing thought, and some used empty hives were purchased and brought to our land.  While they were left stacked outside, we arrived a week later to find a swarm of bees had found the hives, and were moving in.  We unofficially launched our honey production plans thanks to the wild swarm! 

5 hives worth of supers (all empty) were brought in.  One full healthy hive was created less than a week later using the wild swarm well ahead of our plans to consider buying a hive to learn with the next year.  Things went well enough that at the end of 2013 we purchased an additional 6 hives and moved them in, and wrapped the bees for the winter.  We have also ordered in another 20 hives for the spring of 2014.

Our beekeeping learning curve has been steep.  Jeff is definitely NOT allergic to bee stings, as he has had several stings already.  We have been working with Tony and Simon Lalonde to learn the ropes and try and work towards a business plan to provide consumers with Pure Natural Honey by the summer of 2014.  Our first honey production from the wild swarm we have kept produced 90 lbs of excellent quality honey.

Part of the legacy of Blue Heron Gardens is the log cabin on the land.  Originally bought in the summer of 2010 through Kijiji, the weathered log structure was hauled in by two semi truck loads to the land in October of 2010.  4 years later, and thousands of man hours, it is our dream summer home.

What initially was intended on being a skiing warm up shelter escalated into an actual log home over the next few years, built entirely by our family and a few close friends.  A foundation was built, solar power was added, propane cooking and hot water were added...and slowly it turned into the lakeside cabin it is today.  What is intriguing about the cabin is that almost all of the components where safe or practical have come from being resourceful and using Kijiji.  The wood stove, kitchen cupboards, flooring, windows, doors, shower, propane tankless water heater, bed, blinds, accessories, decorations, and more have all come from Kijiji.  Outside, the greenhouse, tractor, tools, and more have also all come from Kijiji.  You can see more about our Kijiji Cabin here.