We expect to have excellent quality pure raw honey for sale by late July 2015.  This will be unpasteurized, straight from the hive.  To place advance orders or to buy in bulk, please contact us anytime.

We can supply you with potatoes (several varieties, contact us before July for advanced orders), cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, spinach, lettuce, corn, peas, radishes, squash, and carrots.  Most typical kitchen vegetables are available as the season progresses.  Bulk orders for potatoes or carrots will be accepted, for larger quantities (>100 lbs) please preorder as supplies may be limited.  My personal favourite is the Kennebec potato which which is excellent for french fries!

Price varies on season, quality, and quantity.  Call us for detailed pricing or to arrange a contract ahead of time for quality natural farm fresh produce delivered to you.

Haskap, Saskatoon, Sour Cherry, Pin Cherry and Choke Cherry are our core fruits available.  Volumes are limited, but of the highest quality.  We hand pick all the fruit, leaving spoiled berries for the wildlife to enjoy.  Raw berries, jelly, jam and syrup are made from some of the berries, my personal favorite being Pin Cherry Jelly, or raw Haskap berries on a bowl of cereal.  The sour cherries make excellent pies, even better if you replace the sugar in the pie with real honey when you make them.

The Haskap and Saskatoon berries are U of S Fruit program trees, ensuring optimal quality and usability.

We also have 65 Hazelnut bushes new to our land, under a test program from the U of S Fruit program.